021: The only asset worth investing in during this crisis

April 22, 2020 00:10:52
021: The only asset worth investing in during this crisis
Inner Work with Steli Efti
021: The only asset worth investing in during this crisis

Apr 22 2020 | 00:10:52


Show Notes

Many friends and fellow entrepreneurs come to me for investment advice during this crisis. The first thing you need to understand is that I'm not an investor. So don't put too much stock into my advice.

That being said—I do have strong opinions.

There are a lot of attractive opportunities out there nowadays: gold, cryptocurrencies, foreign currencies, certain stocks that took a dive due to the crisis but will almost certainly come back strong once things get better.

I believe for most of the people that are going to read this, there's really only one thing you should invest in right now:

You yourself.

Unless you yourself are a skilled investor, I don't think that you should make big investment decisions during this crisis in anything other than yourself.

How can you invest in yourself, and grow?

Maybe this is the time to build a side business.

Write that book, and promote it. Experiment. Learn something new. Stretch yourself beyond what your current limitations.

Level one area of your live up. If you already had a side business, start investing into ads, make the design look real slick, sharpen your copy, ramp up your marketing, improve your product, sharpen your skills by signing up for a course or finding a coach.

But invest into something that's actually yours, and that doesn't rely on a currency moving one way or another, or a big multinational corporation hitting certain revenue numbers... invest into yourself. It'll not only save you a lot of anxiety when things don't go the way you expect them, but also sharpen your focus on the things that really matter: those things that you can actually impact yourself.

As always—I'd love to hear from you. Hit me up on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/only-asset-worth-investing-during-crisis-steli-efti/

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