005: Knocking Down a Bully

July 01, 2019 00:36:50
005: Knocking Down a Bully
Inner Work with Steli Efti
005: Knocking Down a Bully

Jul 01 2019 | 00:36:50


Show Notes

The first time I knocked someone down during a fight, they collapsed and couldn’t continue sparring.

I‘m not bragging or super tough, but it felt good. It inflated my ego.

My opponent was younger, shorter, bulkier, muscular, and aggressive. 

Every gym has a few of them. Those guys who didn’t get the memo that sparring should not be a fight to the death. 

When faced with frustration and fear, most of us decide to never spar again, ask the bully to take it easy, or ask a trainer for help. 

It’s the bully in the classroom who makes your life hard. This isn’t school, and you’re not six years old. You can’t run and hide, or go to your teacher, crying for help.

Bullies are everywhere. They could be your managers, investors, co-workers, or opponents. 

You can’t create a world where you never have to deal with bullies.  

Whenever I’m in a new environment, I try to be overly nice and respectful to make myself and others comfortable. 

Mental side of martial arts: 

Otherwise, expect the bully to beat you twice as hard. No matter what you do, the bully doesn’ t stop making you the victim, as long as you let them.

Despite limited sparring experience, I’ve never been knocked out. 

Who’s actually the weakest? Me or the bully? 

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