035: Way of the Warrior: Getting real

December 06, 2020 00:35:06
035: Way of the Warrior: Getting real
Inner Work with Steli Efti
035: Way of the Warrior: Getting real

Dec 06 2020 | 00:35:06


Show Notes

Here's another Way of the Warrior episode, where I share lessons I learn while practicing martial arts. Today, I'm going to talk about the difference between theory, practice, and real-world application.

There's a certain technique I've practiced many times and understood well—or so I thought. Let's just say it was a very humbling session, where the idea I carried in my head wasn't fully aligned with the reality that unfolded on the outside.

In this episode, I discuss the big gap between theory, a scripted practice scenario, and the real world.

Whether you practice martial arts or not—we've all had situations we confidently walked into, self-assured that we'd be able to handle this well, only to then be taught a lesson. The first instinct naturally is to say: "Oh fuck!"

Now it's very easy to then go: "This didn't work out. I'm not made for this," and throw in the towel.

But if you practice inner work, you do it differently.

You still say: "Oh fuck..." but then you go: "Interesting. What can I learn here?" You already ate the humblepie. You already have that taste in your mouth. Now see how you can grow.

Transcript: https://steliefti.com/way-of-the-warrior-getting-real/

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